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kent henricksen: wayward we hunt

Kent Henricksen’s new works elaborately bring to life his personal examinations of social science by integrating foreign ideals into proverbial western settings. One of the artist’s main concerns is the eternal investigation of psychological and physical boundaries that human beings deal with in their everyday lives. He archives figures and landscapes from diverse sources in order to establish dialogues between the past and the present. Additionally, the artist uses embroidery both as a means to illustrate imagined narratives and to allow the viewers to make a simple association to the subject matter. For the project at the Bass Museum, he created a large-scale installation, comprised of wallpaper of his own design which is used as a backdrop for silkscreen and embroidery on canvas works, and two “villain” sculptures in the form of sconces. Completely surrounding the viewer, the ambiance of the room exudes the idea of a disturbingly quiet and surreal fantasy world.