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Walgreens Windows

Walgreens Windows

Channel, 2017
Mixed media
Dimensions variable
Courtesy of the artist

On the verge of overdrawing into the other but maintaining the half.

The halving and apportioning of space makes for an easier navigation of environments. This becomes here and that becomes there once a limit is drawn between the two. Diametrically opposed, this and that, here and there define each other by location after being divided from within a whole.

These divisions can be manipulated. They can be rendered permeable, transparent as glass, punctured if time is taken to try.  Where now exists a firm footing could one day become the divide between convictions and doubts. Keep flexible! See it coming before it happens. Vigilance is key, vigilance turns impediment into hurdle; overcome-able. These limits are not static, they fork like lightning and furrow like wax.

The division is indispensable and its role is neither finite nor rigid. Come up to the division. Get close and look through it. The other side defines this one as much as this side informs the other. Maintain the half to reference the whole.

Channel is a site-specific installation of work presented in the Walgreens Windows on 23rd Street and Collins Avenue. Kyle R. B. Chapman (b. Johannesburg, South Africa) lives and works in Miami, FL. Chapman studied interdisciplinary practice and fiber studies at the Kansas City Art Institute and painting at New World School of the Arts. Recent exhibitions include “Fothor”, Ida Schmid, Brooklyn, NY (2016); “Vacation to Insensitive”, Central Fine, Miami Beach, FL (2015); “Certain Sensitivity”, Space Mountain, Miami, FL (2014); “Mythmakers”, Paragraph Gallery, Kansas City, MO (2010); and Scope Miami, Miami, FL (2006). Chapman’s second solo exhibition at Central Fine, Miami Beach, FL opens in 2017.


The Walgreens Windows project space is graciously funded by Walgreens, in partnership with The Bass, and is sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts, and Culture. Featuring emerging artists on a rotating basis, this collaboration furthers The Bass’ mission to present contemporary art to the surrounding community, in order to excite, challenge and educate.