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Bass Babies

2-4 YRS

A weekly art program designed for our youngest visitors and their caregivers, to foster new discoveries in sensory awareness, creativity and pre-literacy skills through hands-on art activities.

Members (Family/Dual & above): $8 per class
Non-members: $10 per class

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Space is limited. Pre-registration is required.



  • December 20 — SIZE & SCALE 2

    Tiny Clay Sculptures


  • January 10 — Chalk Relief Sculptures

    Chalk is not just for drawing, Pascale Marthine Tayou proves you can sculpt with it, too!

  • January 17 — Clockwork for Oracles

    Join us as we learn about Ugo Rondinone's wall of windows! Using various materials, students will learn about colors and reflection.

  • January 24 — Symbols

    Children will learn how pictures can be used as words.

  • January 31 — Ceramic Stacking

    Using clay, students will learn how to build and stack by visiting the galleries to see Pascale Marthine Tayou's, Colonnes Pasquale.


  • February 07 — Squares, Rectangles and Triangles

    Practice making shapes and lines to create and artwork with your own made-up shape!

  • February 14 — Spirals and Curves

    Find art in nature and create a sculpture out of natural materials.

  • February 21 — Exploring the Dot

    Learn about artists who use dots to make one large image.

  • February 28 — The Old and the New

    Explore our permanent collection gallery, and our current exhibitions and create a piece of art.


  • March 07 — Our Faces

    In this class, children will use mirrors to help create the connection between facial features and shapes.

  • March 14 — Figurines

    Create your own figurine inspired by the artwork of Pascale Marthine Tayou.

  • March 21 — Kings, Queens and Knights

    Take a trip into our permanent collection gallery to view The Tournament, our famous tapestry. Learn about different types of fabric and how fabric is used to make art.


  • April 04 — Underwater Creatures

    Learn about creatures that live in the water and create an underwater scene with watercolor paint.

  • April 18 — Mix and Match Texture Collage

    Using upcycled household objects, young artists will create sculptures that create sounds. Upon completion, a song will be created and distributed to all participants.

  • April 25 — Class Party

    Celebrate the act of creating in this final class for the spring season.

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