Portfolio Teens

13-18 YRS

Studio art intensive workshops for building a strong portfolio of work. Each month is devoted to a particular medium, providing students the ability to select and explore material. Professional art teachers will advise and guide students to develop their skillset, hone their studio art practice, and experiment with a multitude of materials. Students will learn how to articulate their vision and speak about artwork through one-on-one and group critique, a necessary tool for artist development. Students are encouraged to attend all sessions.

Members (Family/Dual & above): $10 per class
Non-members: $15 per class

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  • February 03 — Painting: Open Studio

    Students will have the opportunity to complete unfinished artwork with the guidance of a professional teaching artist. At the end of the class, students will participate in a group critique.

  • February 10 — 3D: Sculpting Fundamentals

    Using the very malleable Apoxie medium, students will create a finished piece of 3D work.

  • February 17 — 3D: Sketching to Sculpture

    Students are encouraged to use a sketch or a piece created in an alternate medium as the source of inspiration for this workshop.

  • February 24 — 3D: Reconstruction

    In this workshop, students will use ordinary objects and reconstruct them into a 3D work of art.


  • March 03 — 3D: Open Studio

    Students will have the opportunity to complete unfinished artwork with the guidance of a professional teaching artist.

  • March 10 — Medium Focus: Independent Project

    Students will select an area of specialization to create a piece of art and media of their choosing.

  • March 17 — Medium Focus: Open Studio

    This workshop is devoted to students who have a required piece to complete for their portfolio for their school of choice.


  • April 07 — Polishing Sketchbooks

    Sketchbooks are critical and required for the serious art student looking to apply to art schools. In this class, students will ‘clean’ their sketchbook as it is a vital tool to the portfolio reviewer. Please note: this is the final class to use the studio and its materials.

  • April 14 — Finalizing & Digitizing Artwork

    Students are required to digitize their artwork for portfolio submission. Here, the instructor will teach students how to digitize their artwork for optimal final products. Students will also have the opportunity to begin their artist statements.

  • April 21 — Advice from College Professionals and Group Critique

    In this session, a special guest speaker will discuss the process of the portfolio review and audition.

  • April 28 — Final Exhibition and Formal presentations

    Students will discuss their creative process and exhibit artwork created this semester. Family and friends encouraged to attend.


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