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Agustina Woodgate

Agustina Woodgate

Agustina Woodgate (b. Buenos Aires; lives and works in Miami) aims to create art that fosters exchanges between people rather than encounters between a viewer and object. Through these exchanges, meaning is elaborated collectively, rather than in the space of individual consumption.

Often responding to a place or situation, Woodgate makes objects, site-specific and context-based installations, performance, and collaborative event-based projects that focus on the interplay between human beings and their surrounding environment at both macro and micro levels. Site specificity is usually the point of departure for her creative process, involving research into the site and its relations. Combining many disciplines she pursues ongoing collaborations with creatives from various background. Agustina works inclusively and socially, finding new access points for communication to create public, intensive, and process-oriented works.

This site-specific street installation is inspired by the ancient popular street game, except this one is hundreds of numbers long. The expanded game reminds us of our innocence while exhausting as our urban surroundings. Hopscotch exists for the streets, transforming monotonous sidewalks into daily playgrounds.

The original hopscotch courts were over 100 feet long. Roman foot soldiers ran the course in full armor and field packs, and it was thought that Hopscotch would improve their foot work. Roman children imitated the soldiers by drawing their own boards, and creating a scoring system, and Hopscotch spread through Europe, Asia, and quickly across the globe.

Woodgate graduated from the National University of Visual Arts, Argentina, in 2004 and has exhibited extensively in U.S and abroad. She has initiated collaborative projects and has been awarded artists residencies both nationally and internationally.