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Future Bass is dedicated to fostering the growth of The Bass by nurturing a vibrant community of art enthusiasts and philanthropists through promoting artists, expanding access to the arts, and enriching the museum’s permanent collection.

Future Bass actively seeks out and acquires new compelling artworks that contribute to the museum’s legacy, ensuring that future generations can continue to be inspired by the museum’s curated collection.

Join us in our mission to cultivate the next generation of art lovers. With your support, together we can build a thriving arts community, foster artistic talent, and enhance the cultural landscape for years to come.

Membership can be paid in quarterly or monthly installments.

Soledad Picón
[email protected]

Who We Are

Future Bass is an inclusive and vibrant group of young collectors and art enthusiasts, ranging from 21 to 40 years of age. Our goal is to connect individuals with shared passions, fostering a community within a community, united in their appreciation for the arts.

By becoming a member of Future Bass, you join a group of like-minded peers dedicated to support The Bass’ mission to share the power of contemporary art through experiences that excite, challenge, and educate.

As a member, you gain privileged access to a range of exciting experiences and have the opportunity to attend exhibitions, engage directly with artists, explore private collections, and partake in exclusive events tailored specifically for our members.

What We Do

As valued members of Future Bass, you are presented with exclusive opportunities throughout the year to participate in a diverse range of art-centered activations. With the expert guidance of The Bass curator, Dr. James Voorhies, we curate bespoke events and experiences that grant access to the art world, including visits to artist studios, art fairs, art trips, gallery tours and much more!

Board of Directors

Grace Faena – Chairperson
Chloe Berkowitz – President
Alessandro Vedovi – Vice President

Cameron Carani
Alfredo E. Cubiñá
Joshua Da Costa Gómez
Ileana de la Cruz
Wendy François
Kai Hsu
Ariel Penzer Milgroom
Sofía Poma
Tripp Potts
Kristina Robinson
Freddy Seikaly

Founding Members

Eugene Alvarez
Sarah Anyieth
Manuela Beeck and Nathaniel Disston
Gretchen Maull Berger
Rebecca Brooks
Cameron Carani
Giuliana Cazalet
Jessica Cohen
Caitlin Collins
Xavier Cossard
Joshua Da Costa Gómez
Ross Dakin
Clifford Davis
Andrea DeField
Jordyn and Steven Dickstein
Chiara DiGiallorenzo
Sara Ferne and Jaron Kanfer
Krystina François
Wendy François and Kevin Michael
Lisa Galano
Victor Gómez IV
Luis A. González
Jacqueline Groll
Anna Gruszecki
Nicole Harrison and Samal Shepherd
Jamie Horrobin
Nuzhat Hossain
Kai Hsu and Taylor Niemi
Julia Juncadella
Noa Kahner
Mariam Kaira
Evian Kuznik and William Mulligan
Elizabeth Margulies
Alexa Menche
David Miranda
Jayde Mitzman
Mónica Mora
Mia Mutiarah
Daniela Pellicciotti
Amanda Perl
Emma Petasis
Ernesto Poma Jr.
María Victoria Postigo
Claire Powers
Nuria Richards Romero
Fiorella Rosales Ugarte
Andrew Ruben
Andie Schneider
Tatiana Seikaly
Justin Shaffer
Elizabeth and Spencer Slaine
Cleo Suero
Elizabeth Sutherland
Tanya Tamer
Lisa Valverde
R Christian Wyatt and Avra Hart


Anthony Abraham
Bosilika An
Jolie Balido
Andrew Carpenter
Kelli and Jason Cross
Diego Da Costa Gómez
Alecia Dillon
Rebecca Feigen
Anna Gellerman
Angie González
Martha Horan
Shilpa Iyengar
Florina Kachka and David Sugarman
Ramzy Kahhale and Shelby Luce
Francesca Levy Nabors
Matt Lill
Gabriela Lorido
Aaron Markowitz
Kimberly Marshall
Alexandra Mauriello
Hayden Moffett
Mark Moschel
Elena Otero
Jacob Penzer
Tomás Redrado
Andrew Reed
Vicki Reichardt
Maya Roux
Camille Safadi
Alexandra Schueler
Katherin Schultz
Lucas Siegel
Spencer and Elizabeth Slaine
Deliena Stone
Stephanie Suskind
Mey Veral
Mitch Wainer
Anna Whetzle and Benjamin Smiley
Calin Wilson and Diego Bonet

*List as per February 1, 2024

For more information, contact Sol Picón at [email protected].

Future Bass Join our thriving community of young collectors and art lovers! Become part of an inclusive and vibrant group of like-minded peers aged 21-40 united in their appreciation for the arts. | $1,000 is tax-deductible



  • An annual evening with The Bass Curator, Dr. James Voorhies
  • Exclusive invitation to The Bass new exhibitions’ openings
  • Invitation to exclusive programming including private collection tours, visit to artist studios, and curator-led experiences
  • Invitation to join Executive Director, Silvia Karman Cubiñá and Curator, Dr. James Voorhies on national travels to attend select Art Fairs, Auction Houses, private collections, and artists studio visits (limited capacity)
  • Access to The Bass Art Pass Plus, a curated “artinerary” of daily activities, VIP passes to select fairs and invitations to special events during Miami Art Week
  • Invitation to participate as Host Committee Member for Night at the Museum, The Bass’ annual art-themed celebration
  • Two (2) complimentary tickets for The Bass Ball After Party
  • Two (2) complimentary tickets to Night at the Museum
  • Two (2) complimentary tickets for Brunch at The Bass series
  • Four (4) one-time use guest passes
  • Free admission year-round for up to two adults, including children under 18 in the same household



  • Dedicated liaison to personally customize your museum experience, committed staff member who can assist scheduling visits, arranging private tours, and addressing inquiries
  • Recognition on the museum’s website and The Bass Bulletin
  • Discount at The Bass Shop and Café