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Mimed Sculptures, 2016

Mimed Sculptures, 2016

Sculpture is an art of palpation—an art that gives satisfaction in the touching and handling of objects. That, indeed, is the only way in which we can have direct sensation of the three-dimensional shape of an object. —Herbert Read

Of all the works of sculpture that have moved us, there are very, very few that have not provided their decisive satisfaction through the eyes. I have heard of no one who let his pleasure in a piece of sculpture wait upon his handling of it, and of very few who have succeeded in actually touching most of the pieces they admire. —Clement Greenberg

Mimed Sculptures is a performed presentation of canonical works of sculpture. Above empty plinths of various sizes, a group of mimes will shape the air with their hands, rebuilding iconic modernist sculptures by Alberto Giacometti, Barbara Hepworth, David Smith, Eva Hesse, Henry Moore and Tony Smith. Recalling the shallow objects of virtual reality, these invisible sculptures are perceptible only when their contours are being exposed and touched. Each fragment disappears once the mime’s hand moves, challenging the viewer’s visual memory to make out the form as a whole.

Performed by: David Jenkins, Galway McCullough, Scott Mena, Grace Oberhofer, Kayla Prestel, Cassidy Wingate