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by Grace Castro, Special Events Manager, The Bass

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Planning an event has always been a creative and logistical endeavor. Orchestrating several layers of details for a seamless experience has been the standard playbook for planners. However, today we find ourselves challenged to think outside the box to overcome the confines that COVID-19 presents. The uncertainty, concern and unknown can seem unending. What we can rely on is the resolve to persevere. For those who are fueled by optimism to get to the other side of the present reality, there is also an opportunity to pave the way for new standards we can all learn from and follow. Below are a few short tips to plan your next gathering, whether 6 months from now or years later. 


Intimate celebrations are not new. It is not uncommon to gather your closest friends, family, key stakeholders or constituents to celebrate a momentous milestone or  for an annual conference. 

Destination weddings, in particular, have always provided the framework for small guests lists, hosted at a location only limited to a few. Even corporate meetings can be customized to specific departments or themes that gather the most instrumental team members around a particular subject 

Event spaces at The Bass are just the right size for smaller gatherings, with areas ranging from 247  to 4,063 square feet.


Give your guests options. Not everyone will be ready to make an in-person appearance. For those who are comfortable venturing out, make them feel comfortable by sharing details of how you and the venue are taking health and safety precautions. You can also provide tips on how they can attend and come prepared. For others to celebrate from afar, set up a live feed on social media or to a private website so they don’t experience FOMO (fear of missing out) 

Work with The Bass audio & visual team to set up live video conferencing at the event to broadcast every minute of your celebration or important meeting.  


Make it easy for guests to comply with social distancing guidelines 

  • Provide complimentary Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such face masks and gloves upon arrival. You can even make your PPE fashionable or branded, if appropriate. 
  • Position furniture at recommended distances with ample space in between for networking flow.
  • Install plexiglass for proper coverage at bars and food stations or opt for plated service. 
  • Consider venue locations with ample space and indoor/outdoor access. At The Bass, our Lounge event space, indoor Courtyard, and Creativity Center meeting spaces provide easy access to Collins Park. Plus, our additional nine gallery spaces across two floors allow for guests to roam freely while maintaining a comfortable distance from others. 


Adjusting to a new reality can be a bumpy experience. Ultimately, your guests will appreciate your efforts to gather them safely and to create a moment that they can enjoy or learn from. Ensure you have a great planning team, venue and vendor partners to help you get creative and troubleshoot along the way. Contact The Bass today to brainstorm your next private event incorporating interactive activities such as a private group tour, curator-led talk, or creative team building activity to jump start inspiration.  


No matter the type of event you plan, or when, always check with U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Center for Disease Control & Prevention and the World Health Organization for the latest facts, guidelines and information. The Bass, alongside venue vendors, have implemented a series of sanitary measures to administer before, during, and after an event for the safety of all guests and museum staff. Contact The Bass today for more information. 


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