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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Creativity in the Community:  
A weekly art program designed to foster new discoveries in sensory awareness, creativity and pre-literacy skills through hands-on art activities as a family! children will learn about colors, shapes and patterns while developing fine motor skills and exercising free expression which aids in problem solving, assists in decision-making and provides a creative outlet for early learners.  

Each class begins with a theme and a story reading session, followed by a fun art project to be completed as a family. Those that are interested will enjoy: 

  • Free books – one each class!
  • Fun art projects related to themed story of the week
  • Light snacks
  • Free monthly trips to the museum
  • Culminating exhibition of your family’s artwork at The Bass

Who can attend Creativity in the Community?
Workshops engage families with children 2-8 years of age in art and literacy. The weekly workshops spark creativity, promote literacy and teach caregivers about the impact that art and literacy have on brain development. The Creativity in the Community curriculum specifically builds confidence in the participating adults to feel empowered to use books as a starting point to incorporate art-making at home. Space is limited, so register soon! 

Where does Creativity in the Community take place? 
Weekly Creativity in the Community workshops are held in three locations throughout the Miami Metro area. Locations include Little Haiti, Little Havana, Miami Beach and North Miami.  

Explore a location near you:

Little Havana

North Miami

What is the Bass Bus Pass?
As part of the program, families and caretakers will be invited to attend The Bass’ monthly Family Day activities, including bussing to and from the museum from their regular site. Additionally, artwork created during the workshops will be displayed in a culminating event at the conclusion of the semester, featuring participants’ artwork on display from all community partner sites.  

What language are the Creativity in the Community workshops taught in?
English, Spanish and Creole. 

Do I need to register in advance?
Yes, once our workshop dates and times are confirmed, a registration link will be provided under the location listing.  

For more information please call (786) 477-6007, or email [email protected].