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Member Spotlight: Soledad Picón

Image of Soledad PicónMeet Soledad (Sol) Picón, Bass member, mom, executive and philanthropist. Soledad was born and raised in Argentina and is a Miami-based strategic communications and business development executive, founder of Picón&Co., philanthropist and current Chair of Women United of United Way of Miami-Dade. Sol has served on a variety of nonprofit Boards including; The Bass, MOCA, Jackson Memorial Foundation and IKF, as well as sitting on committees including; Vital Voices, TECHO and Human Rights Watch. Sol’s career and philanthropy has been structured by her unwavering belief in the power of giving back to inspire and change lives. She is married and has three daughters. Read more about why Sol chose The Bass as her museum home.

When did you join The Bass, and why?
I joined The Bass in 2010. Since I moved to Miami 21 years ago, I was always looking to be part of the creative community. This diverse and unique community is driven by its hunger for culture and the search of experiences that expand knowledge and connect it in a different way. That is what I’ve found at the museum and I am honored to support its mission.

What is your favorite member program/event at the museum?
My favorite event by far is Night at the Museum, and I have been supporting this event since day one, not only by serving as a host and avid fundraiser but also in creating a buzz of what this spectacular party is. An evening full of art, music and great people to meet. I also love Breakfast at The Bass, a program that I created for the museum and for which I am so grateful to Silvia Cubiña (The Bass’ Executive Director) and all the staff for always listening to my crazy ideas and allowing me to make things happen!

What do you find most rewarding about your membership?
Being a member is like having a passport to the greatest exhibitions in the world and having a complete experience in what happens in art today. Also, the variety of activities for everyone that are not only interesting but unique, from special exhibitions, lectures, programs for kids, and many other spectacular events! Did I mention that I love the new expansion? Being an architect myself, it is a privilege to have, in Miami, one of most beautiful Arata Isozaki’s buildings in the world!

What has been your favorite exhibition thus far, and why?
All of them! But my favorite one was GOLD – curated in celebration of the museum’s 50th anniversary. I loved it because of the works presented, but also because I had the opportunity to participate in the process of the exhibition while organizing the first Gala that the museum had.

Image of Soledad Picón

Are you involved in any other way or have utilized other aspects of the museum’s offerings outside of your membership (i.e., host committees, used the facility for private events, etc)?
I am trying to be as much involved as I can. I served on the Board for six years leading the Development Committee. I’ve created programs. I convert friends into members. I’ve traveled with the museum. I visited many art fairs thanks to my membership benefits. I can’t be any more thankful and proud!

Please share a fond memory of an experience you’ve had that involves a member activity.
All of my experiences at the museum have been extraordinary, but the ones I treasure the most are those in where I was part of the team, surrounded by amazing staff and other members! All working together towards the same goal: to share the power of contemporary art through experiences that excite, challenge and educate.