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The Bass Hialeah Eléctrica–Metavector by Rafael Domenech & Ernesto Oroza

Hialeah Eléctrica – Metavector presents a series of collaborative works by Cuban artists Rafael Domenech and Ernesto Oroza. For their first joint museum exhibition, the artists construct a site-specific installation that is both architectural and sculptural and functions on three different levels: as an artistic project, an index and an archive. “Instead of using the exhibition to show results, we want to use the exhibition as a tool to produce research – this process is open to developing pedagogical and participatory protocols with our collaborators,” say Domenech and Oroza. Using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology, the artists rework quotidian elements like vinyl and drywall (often found or repurposed), along with photos, newspaper, and typographical ephemera from their archive as the material vocabulary that constructs their visual investigations.