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Najja Moon, Your Mommas Voice in the Back of Your Head, 2021

Speaking to the deeply personal yet universal relationship between mothers and children, Your Mommas Voice in the Back of Your Head configures multidirectional speakers encased in gradient dichroic glass, echoing mantras, scolds and colloquialisms voiced by Moon’s own mother, as well as those from her friends and family. Through recording sessions open to the public, Moon also gathered the voices of Miami-Dade County residents in English, Spanish and Creole.

“Your mother is a monument. A constant reminder. A well of advice. An angel on your shoulder with a lot of attitude. For this piece I want to recreate that sound bath that is your mommas voice in the back of your head. That voice is empowering, challenging and even confusing until ‘you’ll understand when you have children. Voices bouncing from different directions just like the light, will hone in on the tough love, as well as the blind faith we receive, digest and give.” – Najja Moon