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Beautiful, an exhibition of work by Pascale Marthine Tayou, brings the Cameroon-born artist’s itinerant practice to Miami Beach with an organic and collaboratively formed selection of work made in the last decade.

Tayou, an alchemist of sorts, has developed a body of work spanning media and subject matter, that fluidly transforms and recasts our understanding of materials, objects and narratives. Through the context of existing social, cultural and political structures, Tayou’s creations both mediate between cultures and question the frameworks in which they exist. Specifically, this is highlighted through an intervention where Tayou presents recent work alongside his own selection of historic objects from The Bass’ founding collection. The dialogue between contemporary artworks and objects from the past speaks to his overall practice, often incorporating objects encountered by chance or from his immediate surroundings into an installation.

The exhibition continues into the museum lobby with a newly commissioned, site-specific iteration of Welcome Wall (2015). Composed of animated LED signs, reading “welcome” in over 70 languages, the work broadcasts a message of profound inclusion from the museum.