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Tracey Moffatt’s Montages: The Full Cut, 1999-2015 | Virtual Opening Reception

On Thursday, April 9 at 6 p.m. EST, The Bass and The New Tropic held an opening reception via Zoom to celebrate the virtual opening of Tracey Moffatt’s exhibition Montages: The Full Cut, 1999 – 2015. The opening featured a talk between curator Leilani Lynch and The New Tropic’s Bruce Pinchbeck

Shown for the first time in a digital context, Montages: The Full Cut, 1999 – 2015 by Tracey Moffatt and her longtime collaborator, Gary Hillberg, are a collection of eight films surveying the nature of representation and genres of film. The video works from the Bass’ collection are accessible exclusively and virtually via the Instagram platform, @TheBassSquared.

Created over a sixteen-year period, the videos deconstruct stereotypes and create new narratives and character conventions. Highlighting themes including the artist’s own childhood memories and fantasies; the series explores issues of childhood trauma, Aboriginal people, Hollywood cinema and Australian media.